Hygiene is Paramount

Here at the Indoink Bali Tattoo Studio in Legian, Bali, our clients safety and experience is of the most importance. We never want a customer to come here for world class ink and leave unhappy with even a possibility of infection. So we have established a strict set of safety protocols and standards. That are modeled specifically after the Australian standards, and are of the top methods for customer protection.

All of our artists and staff are trained on how to perform in store using each and every one of our highest standards and practices that we have set up accordingly. We have created a highly sterile and flawless environment to protect each and every customer throughout the process of tattooing. We use only the highest constitution of disposable tattoo equipment. Also all inks are never re-used, and are all imported to guarantee the utmost quality. Refusing to sacrifice that quality for price at any time throughout this. Nothing is ever carried over or reused for another customer.

Safe, Sterile Environment

When a customer enters our studio to get a tattoo, we want them to be assured that everything that we can be possibly done to keep them safe is being done so. After all, they want their tattoo to look amazing, and be everything they had hoped for and more.

That is why we completely disinfect all equipment even that used outside of the disposable needles and grips. Covering all equipment with plastic, to further insure that contamination any point is absolutely impossible. This plastic covering is then replaced after each customer has left and before the next customer is even allowed within the premises of their tattoo area.
Each of our tattoo artists are careful to completely adhere to each and every one of our strict safety standards. These include never reusing needles, inks, or any other equipment from one customer to another. They always wash up using an automatic soap dispenser and then wearing a new seperate pair of rubber gloves before they start doing each and every different job.

Hygiene Standards and Best Practices

The following are the standards and best practices that we all strictly adhere to here at Indo Ink Bali Tattoo Studio:
● Only use disposable needles – tubes – grips , and inks (Never reused)
● All equipment is then covered with plastic and replaced after each session
● Chairs/beds are covered with a plastic sheeting and is replaced after every session
● Artists wash hands as well as using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Followed by putting on fresh gloves before each session begins
● All areas are thoroughly cleaned between each customer daily to ensure no contamination is possible

Our Customer Safety and Experience Comes First